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Welcome to the Media Revolution! is an exciting new platform creating a Virtual Movie Theater. Watch the newest movies from around the world with Friends and Family without leaving the comfort of your homes. We offer a limited library of the freshest content so you don't sift through 1,000s of titles to find something. We offer watch parties to allow you to watch with friends and family both close and far. We give Star Premieres to allow fans to interact and bond with Actors. We offer Concession stands to feed your Movie Night.


Let's be honest, movie theaters suck! COVID-19 was the nail in the coffin and now we REALLY aren't going to go back to the old theater experience.

Keeping this in mind, we at are creating a Virtual Cinema, keeping all the good things from the Movie Theaters, and getting rid of the bad. Giving you, the new generation, exactly what you want.

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Yarid Asher



What to Expect

Limited Library:


you won't have to sift through 1,000s of titles to find something to watch.

Pay per View:


No Subscriptions. We get it, you already have 10s of channels you subscribe to. You don't need another. Just pay for what you want to watch. 

Newest content:


We offer only the freshest content. Whatever would have been in the traditional theaters in the old world. We keep it until someone like Netflix picks it up.

Global Access:


We are sourcing content from around the world. You won't be limited to new releases that your local movie theater picked up. We release movies from around the world on your screen.


Address: 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany NY 12222

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